Our Technologies

Meet Aaira & Sciaire

Our HOCl and PlasmaShield technologies are focused on providing the next-level of clean air with active air purification.


Peace of Mind

Our products are scientifically crafted to provide you measurably cleaner air. That's less bacteria, viruses, and pollutants in your space. The air around you matters, and we believe it should always be as clean as possible.¹

Thoughtful Design

Our designs are expertly crafted to be stylish additions to any space. Go ahead. Stare if you want. We won't blame you. 

Meaningful Technologies

HOCl and Plasma are nature's solutions for combatting bacteria, viruses, contaminants and VOCs. HOCl is found in the human body, while Plasma exists in our natural environments. We've harnessed these in our technology to make your life better with each of our products.

Aaria + Humidifier gets 5 solid stars. The air in my house gets dry in the cold winter months and thus works wonders. Definitely a must have in every home.


We really like the Aaira Surface! It makes making our own household cleaning solutions so fast and easy, using just a couple simple ingredients.


The Sciaire + HEPA is a great product that's loaded with many home automation features. It does filter the air around really well and very fast. I like the Wi-Fi feature as it gives you great control of the product from your smartphone.