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01 — Cleaner Air, Better Home

Aaira air purifiers actively kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses — including SARS-CoV-2, common cause of COVID-19 — in the air and stop their spread on surfaces.

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Image of people sitting around table eating dinner with Sciaire Mini + HEPA- White/Black Technology off to the side
02 — Freedom to Live

This is about more than clean air. It’s about bringing us back together.

It’s about enjoying each other’s company, indoors and in person. Not worrying about viruses and bacteria in the air.

We’re human. We need our catch-up chats over coffee. Game nights with neighbors. And great big hugs with grandparents. We need each other.

03 — Active Protection

A purifier that just passively filters the air isn’t enough anymore.

Viruses. Bacteria. Odors. Every Aaira purifier has the HOCl technology that actively kills 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria. And for the best of both worlds, purification plus filtration, turn to Aaira + HEPA.

Nature plus science. Protecting everyone we invite to share our lives.

04 — Making Life Better

Created by nature. Engineered by science.

Mother Nature invented HOCl and plasma ions. Aaira and Sciaire generate these to clean your living and working spaces.

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Grandparent and child playing with dog in living room, Aaira + HEPA superimposed over foreground
05 — Advanced Tech Brought Home

Proven Science. Uniquely Re-engineered.

HOCl has been part of our lives for decades, disinfecting everywhere from hospitals and airports, to agriculture and grocery stores around the world. And plasma is used when the cleanest air is required for sterile environments, such as in making computer chips and medical devices.

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Aaira Surface generates both lower and higher concentrations to disinfect anywhere, anytime on demand.

Don’t mask odors. Neutralize them.

06 —Refresh and Deodorize

Clean air smells clean. Not synthetic.

Forget artificial plug-ins and diffusers. Aaira uses natural ingredients to make your entire space smell like an ocean breeze, and Sciaire leaves the air as fresh as after a thunderstorm.

person using HOCl to mop floors in house

With a pinch of natural ingredients and a dash of science, we can make every indoor cleaner and fresher, like the great outdoors.

Parent reading to children on bed, foreground image of Aaira at the end of the bed

Aaira is at home in every living and working space.

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