Bipolar Air Ionization Technology

SilentAire Round 24" Air Purifier

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HEPA air filter whole house air filter

1378 ft²

Large Rooms
Maximum Coverage

Neutralizes 99.9%

of Bacteria & Viruses
Including SARS-CoV-2

better than a kitchen vent hood - Shop Sharp Plasmacluster Ion True HEPA Air Purifiers

Proactive Deodorizer

Naturally Reduces Odors

Reusable Filter

Captures Dust

2 Mounting Options

Chain or Stem

About the SilentAire Round 24" Air Purifier

Convenient and quiet air purification for large, industrial spaces.

Air Purification for Large Spaces

Air ionization takes place during thunderstorms, waterfalls, and crashing waves on the beach, releasing positive and negative ions into indoor air. This device neutralizes viruses and bacteria by producing oxygen ions that react with them, reducing unpleasant odors and breaking down harmful VOCs, making the air cleaner and safer to breathe.

Air Intake

Pulls in ambient air.

Bipolar Ion Generator

Internal circulation system disperses ions emitted from the generator into the air.

Air Delivery System

Purified air is redirected into the space.


Hours of Rated Life


Eliminates Bacteria & Viruses

Technical Specifications

Product Sheet


SAP-PL-R24-MV-BK [Black], SAP-PL-R24-MV-WH [White]

Power Consumption

100 Watts

Input Voltage


Fan Speed

1 Speed


65 dB

Material & Finish