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DH Lifelabs Introduces Revolutionary Air Purifiers Inspired by the Power of Nature

DH Lifelabs Introduces Revolutionary Air Purifiers Inspired by the Power of Nature

DH Lifelabs’ all-natural air purification technology harnesses the power of nature to challenge the status quo of traditional air filtration solutions.

The Air Purification Brand Inspired by Nature

Indoor air pollution is a major health risk and can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues. Recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports show that indoor air can also alarmingly be as much as 500% more polluted than outdoor air, highlighting the need for air purification solutions that do more.

“Is filtered air enough anymore?”

Born from the pandemic and the increased attention to health and wellness, DH Lifelabs recognized the urgent need for active air purification solutions that are effective, and cleaned the air in a natural way. The company is bringing air purifiers to the market that leverage the power of nature to create indoor living spaces with cleaner air.

The brand started by asking the question, “is filtered air enough anymore?” With the proliferance of indoor air pollutants and allergens, it’s clear that today’s homes need more. The team ultimately drew inspiration from nature and combined it with cutting-edge technology to create a revolutionary line of products.

DH Lifelabs’ two lines of air purifiers, Aaira and Sciaire, focus on natural processes – electrolysis and ionization – that create a proactive purification cycle to clean air. Both lines proactively kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.



What is HOCl?

Aaira air purifiers utilize the power of HOCl (hypochlorous acid), a substance so natural that the human body produces a version of HOCl to fight off infections. By replicating this process with a high-tech generator, Aaira purifiers can produce HOCl on demand and distribute it throughout the room to neutralize harmful airborne pathogens and odors.

What is PlasmaShield? Plasma Air Purifiers

The Sciaire line of air purifiers was designed to mimic the fresh air found in the great outdoors. Whether it’s the crisp mountain air or the salty sea breeze, Sciaire’s plasma-based technology brings that same feeling into the home. By leveraging this power found in nature, DH Lifelabs is disrupting the traditional approach to air purification and delivering a simpler solution for everyone.

DH Lifelabs is committed to using nature as inspiration for healthier and happier lives. “We believe that nature can help us solve modern-day problems and that safe and simple solutions are the best ones,” says Chris Coleman, Global VP of Marketing at DH Lifelabs. “We’re excited to bring our air purifiers to the market and help people breathe cleaner, fresher air.”

In their Aaira and Sciaire products, which fuse science and nature to provide people everywhere with measurably healthier air, DH Lifelabs has done just that.

Experience the power of nature with DH Lifelabs’ revolutionary line of air purifiers. can be purchased online at or on Amazon.

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