Sciaire Air Purifiers

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Welcome the outside in.

Powered by Nature’s own incredible air purifier, Sciaire makes your inside air as fresh and clean as the great outdoors.

01 — Created by Nature

Plasma ions are how nature cleans the air. Sciaire air purifiers generate these ions to eliminate 99.97% of airborne pollutants.

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Graphic example of how Sciaire technology works
02 — Engineered by Science

Only Sciaire destroys nasties both around the room and in the filter.

A filter alone just isn’t enough anymore. That’s why Sciaire uses multiple patented PlasmaShield™ generators to send positive and negative ions both out into the room, and into the filter. These ions attract and neutralize free-floating molecules, leaving behind nothing but clean, pristine air.

03 — Active Protection

Don’t just trap airborne nasties. Obliterate them.

Conventional air purifiers only passively filter what they catch. But PlasmaShield actively attacks and breaks down contaminants at the molecular level, including germs too small to be caught by any filter (even SARS-CoV-2) so they can’t multiply or escape.

04 — Next-Level Purification

More ions means measurably cleaner air.

Independent testing proves Sciaire purifies the air 4.8x per hour, and eliminates 99.97% of airborne particles as tiny as 0.3 microns, bacteria, and viruses — including SARS-CoV-2.1

Covid-19 Virus
Black Mold and Fungi
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Dust and Dust Mites
H1N1 Influenza
MRSA & Staphylococccus
Pollutants PM2.5
Cockroach Allergens
Pet Dander
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Welcome the outside in.

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05 — Double Deodorization

Clean air doesn’t come in a bottle.

No more plug-ins and diffusers to mask smells! The HEPA filters’ activated carbon layer absorbs odors and gases, while PlasmaShield destroys those molecules around the room. Your air is left smelling like the forest after a rain shower. Naturally.

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06 — Live Better

Wellness starts with fresh air.

Did you know 20% of the oxygen we breathe is used by the brain to function and manage serotonin? In fact, studies show fresh air improves concentration & clarity, energy, digestion, healing, and even happiness.

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07 — Proven and Trusted

How do they clean the cleanrooms?

When the cleanest air is required for sterile environments, plasma is the answer. Because your friends, family, and colleagues deserve nothing less.

Sciaire makes air as fresh and clean as the great outdoors. So you can welcome the outside in.

Sciaire is at home in every living and working space.

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